Dueling With The Dragon

The “enemies” of the Lord’s people take many shapes and sizes.  Some are very subtle in the way they plot attacks.  Some couldn’t care less how brazen their efforts are to derail God’s people.  But make no mistake; there is one that wishes for your demise most of all — Satan, known as the “dragon” in the book of Revelation.

Thanks be to God the dragon does not always succeed.  And when He fails, rage follows.  John wrote “the dragon became furious” (Revelation 12:17).  He was furious because there were those who kept “the commandments of God” and those who held to “the testimony of Jesus.”

Satan and his workers keep busy in planning, plotting and scheming ways to disrupt relationships between God and His people.  Consequently, God’s people need to be equally active in devising a strategy to keep Satan at bay.  Remember, “resist” the devil and he will “flee” (James 4:7).

The Bible offers ample warning concerning the devil.  We are instructed to be “sober” and “vigilant” as we watch for the “lion” who seeks to “devour” (I Peter 5:8).  We are told Satan is the father of “liars” (John 8:44).  Satan has even been known to transform into a being of “light” (II Corinthians 11:14).

On this day, let us each be steadfast in our goal of causing the “dragon” to be “furious” — to turn away again and again his advances — to refuse to believe the falsities he spreads — and to be wise enough to recognize the disguise being employed.

Satan desires your soul.  Be sure all he receives is despair and disgust…and nothing else!

— lrp2