Lovely Thoughts About The Lord's Prayer

Though many think so, the Lord’s prayer is not in Matthew6.  That would be the “Model” prayer.  If one really and truly wished to read the Lord’s prayer, he would read John 17.  A lovelier prayer was never uttered.  It was a prayer for unity among the Lord’s people.

What makes this prayer lovely is witnessing the loving and tender relationship that existed between Jesus and His Father.  Jesus referred to God as Father six times in this prayer.  We often overlook the pain God must have endured as He watched His Only Son cruelly die on the cross, even as we often overlook the pain Jesus endured.  Just imagine watching your child, with whom you have an affectionate and caring relationship, suffer tremendously for no wrong doing of his own.  What love God had for us — what love Christ had for us — what love God shared with His precious Son!

What makes this prayer lovely is knowing Jesus prayed for you, and he prayed for me.  He prayed for “those who will believe in Me” (John 17:20).  That is us my friends.  How humbling is it to know our Lord and Savior prayed for us!

What makes this prayer lovely is its basic message — that all of God’s believers be one.  Just hours before His excruciating death, the Prince of Peace was thinking of others — those who were with Him in the same room, those who were living at the time but in other places, and those with a name like Larry R. Ping II or yours.  He gave the prescription for unity in verse 17 — the truth, God’s Word.

On this day, let us each resolve to know that when it comes to spiritual matters, there is no right way, there is no wrong way — there is God’s way, and His way alone.  May we each be humble enough to submit to the will of God, and in so doing, successfully answer the Lord’s prayer.

— lrp2