You Don’t Have To Be What Others Think You Are

Sometimes, we fall into the trap of becoming the person others think we are. You may not believe so — but it is most certainly true in some cases. I must remember I do not ever have to be what someone else “supposes” me to be. You need to bear in mind the same.

There were a couple of times in the life of the apostle Paul when others tried to make him into something he was not. Consider.

Once Paul “saw the light,” he became obedient to the call of the Lord and was baptized to wash away his sins (Acts 22:16). Later, he tried to join the church in Jerusalem, but was rebuffed. The folks there were attempting to make him into the man he used to be. He could have become that man once again, but he did not (Acts 9:26-30).

Later, Paul was preaching the Gospel in Lystra. The people there (along with others from Antioch and Iconium) were incensed, and stoned Paul. The Bible records they “supposed he was dead” (Acts 14:19). But the next verse explains he “rose up” and continued his work. I am convinced he was near death, and could have become the man the stoners wanted him to be…dead. But he did not.

There will be times in our life, based upon our past, or based upon our family that folks will try to “peg” us into a “hole.” And if we are not careful, a poor attitude on our part might make what they suppose wrongly into something which is true!

On this day, may we realize God created us with a choice, just as he did for Joshua and his family (Joshua 24:15). I do not have to be the person some people think I am — neither do you. If I rise to meet the expectations of my Heavenly Father, it matters not what others may say or think about me.  It really boils down to this — who are we truly trying to please?

— lrp2