Keeping Out The Noise

Have you ever tried to work in the midst of a lot of noise and disturbances?  I am sure we all have at one point or another, and we know it is very difficult to make any progress in such circumstances.

Sometimes we let that “racket” round about us completely keep us from completing our task, and sometimes those tasks are vitally and significantly important.

Such was the case with a blind man from the city of Jericho.  Without the ability to see, his hearing sense was heightened to the point he knew something unusual was happening — and he was right.  Jesus was passing by!  This blind man begged for mercy and to be healed by Jesus, but met some initial resistance.  Consider…

“And they which went before rebuked him, that he should hold his peace: but he cried so much the more, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me” (Luke 18:39).

It impresses me this blind man was persistent when he really had no “reasonable” expectation Jesus would not only listen to him, but actually heal him of his blindness.  Add to that the fact he was rebuked by Jesus’ disciples, being told to leave Jesus alone and to basically sit back down and continue to beg.

He would not be sidetracked by the “noise” around him.  He would not be derailed by the cynics.  His goal was too important and too worthy, and the Only One who could help him was passing by.

On this day, do not let the “noise” of the naysayers keep you down.  Do not let the “blare” of the “bullies” cause you to give up on a worthy goal.  Do not let the “din” of the doomsayers reduce your high aspirations to ashes.

Today, shut out the “noise” and focus on the “important” things.  Your life will be blessed as a result!

— lrp2